Inflatable pillow for guard line


The solution is our pillow in 3 parts which is fixed by Velcro directly in the dies with an ultra small size when the product is deflated.

The process and the materials are validated for marine use: resistance to shocks, UV rays, salt water, etc. Inflation in 1 minutes thanks to a standard valve, that of the Stand up paddle or dinghy and the use of a hand or electric pump broadband.

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Manufactured in high resistance DROPSTICH PVC Technology, honeycomb weave on the inside with equidistant polyester threads.

TIKI YACHTING innovation for 2022 guard line pillow flat and inflatable in 2 parts

Respond to a simple need: relax on a comfortable deckchair while sailing, at anchor or even directly on the water! without overloading chests or bulky object cabins!

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 50 × 36 × 15 cm