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WAKE 5 : 150×10 poids 8 kg – plié 150x20x15
Manufacturing: inflatable board, dropstitch technology with internal weaving to form a rigid structure like an inflatable paddle
Les WAKES sont équipés d’une poignée de maintien.
WHY CHOOSE AN INFLATABLE WAKE BOARD: For the safety of the user and others, because inflatable boards are less fragile and can be transported easily. Because the program of use will be wide: Seated or face down as in a towed buoy or initiation to wake surfing with a rudder in a kneeling or standing position ...
To satisfy beginners and insiders with a practical board to implement that swells in a few minutes and folds into 4 when you want to store it.

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 155 × 43 × 17 cm