AIRFOIL 200 initial pack


Pack including an AIRFOIL 200 board and a backpack.

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AIRFOIL 200 board. Dimensions 200x75x12 - 145 Liters - 8.5 kg
Construction: inflatable board, dropstitch technology with special weaving to build a structure that is more rigid than a conventional inflatable paddle because it is inflated to a maximum of 25 psi.
It is equipped with inserts for attaching a FOIL mast or a WINDSURF fin, a windsurf rig and footstraps. For more comfort the deck is completely covered with EVA foam.
WHY CHOOSE AN AIRFOIL 200 INFLATABLE BOARD: For the safety of the user and others, because inflatable boards are less fragile and can be transported easily. Because the program of use is wide: initiation WINSDURF, WINDFOIL and WINGFOIL with wing WING for all beginners or initiated users.
To satisfy globetrotting initiates with a practical hybrid board that inflates in a few minutes and folds in 4 when you want to store it. pack including an AIRFOIL 200 board and a backpack.

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 90 × 45 × 30 cm

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